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More Domestic Violence Victims are Getting Help

Working together with MedReportGuard, dsire designs and develops web-based applications. These tools support advocacy, and document the data surrounding interpersonal violent crimes.

Domestic Violence Report and Referral

A patient walks into an emergency room and sees a doctor. The patient is a domestic violence victim. The doctor creates a DV report with the Domestic Violence Report and Referral (DVRR) application. The completed report gets transmitted to the Police, District Attorney, and the Family Justice Center (FJC). The FJC is the organization that helps get people out of abusive situations.

dsire built and maintains DVRR, with MedReportGuard. This is the digital platform that connects victims, advocates, healthcare workers and law enforcement.

This is one application that nobody should need to use. Unfortunately this is one of the social problems we face. As a team we’re proud of how it is increasing the percentage of victims getting help.

Sexual Assault Response Team

Again, working with MedReportGuard, dsire digitized the e923 Sexual Assault form for the California Clinical Forensic Medical Training Center in Sacramento. This form documents medical forensic evidence from sexual assault victims. A complex examination that goes through many stages. The digital version includes:

  • Secure web-based platform
  • Complex form logic
  • Dynamic body map identification system
  • Advanced data collection
  • Responsive (desktop & tablet optimized) layout
  • Access permissions for teams, individuals and admin