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CASE STUDY - Broadgreen Pictures

Building Many, Many Movie Sites Fast, On A Custom Built Platform.

Broad Green is a family of storytellers, dreamers and creators constructing a new era movie studio. They provide artists with a safe space to create. As well as the resources and modern infrastructure to execute their vision from script to screen. We’ve helped them put an efficient twist on their digital marketing.

dsire built the multi-site marketing platform from which Broadgreen launches these films. A custom content management system focused on the specific needs of movies. A flexible design format that works for all genres, from rom-coms to intense drama.

Another piece of the platform allows third party vendors to develop and deploy their own code. This allows Broad Green to work with whichever digital agency they feel is right for a particular campaign.

In an ongoing role dsire supports Broad Green film marketing providing:

  • Movie websites
  • Technical infrastucture
  • Creative design support