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Alexander Woollcott



How We Work

Our application development process is always evolving.

We have a framework that breaks complex projects into bite sized chunks.

We start all new relationships with a few good conversations. We want to be sure we're the right partners to work together. You do your due diligence and we'll do ours. The world of design and technology is so vast, there are just certain things we're not well suited for, or don't do. If this is the case we'll be sure to let you know.

Request For Proposals (RFP's) and pitches are so 2010 (but sometimes unavoidable). We'd much rather sit down and talk about what you want, and how our expertise can help. In our experience a detailed and honest discussion over some tea or coffee provides more insights, solutions, and value to you. Often times replacing the need for extensive RFP type paperwork. We'll share past experiences that are relevant and brainstorm as much as you want. By the time we're finished we both should have a much clearer idea of the direction we all should be heading.

Once a project starts we'll set up the folks we will be working with on our online project management tools. These are not complex, but increase efficiencies. It make sense to invest a couple of hours getting set up on the right foot. Our process is flexible and it keeps us all moving in the right direction.

Ok, now let's get started building something amazing. An overview of our framework follows:

Our favorite clients are those that we grow with. We get to deepen our relationship and create more wonderful projects together. How cool is that?

Case Studies

See how we’ve helped some existing clients.