Just ran across this great blog post on seomoz.com. You know how you search something on Google, like ‘cute puppies’ and then you end up on some ugly website that is covered in links saying ‘cute puppies’ or ‘cuter puppies’ or ‘cutest puppies’, and so on… You don’t really know what the purpose of the site is but in a weird way it relates to your Google search though probably not going you any really useful content. Well that’s an SEO trick of ‘optimizing links’. It’s ugly, it’s not natural to read, and google has caught on (yay!).

Nick Eubanks, an SEO guy in Philly shows us how his real life experience requires that when we plan and write the content on our sites, if it’s over optimized your site may get penalized… I think there’s a fair amount of rework for some people to do but the good news is that hopefully this will force all site owners to really do a good job in providing quality content if they want to rank well with the search gods.

Here’s Nick’s story: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/recovering-from-the-penguin-update-a-true-story

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